NatureHub is a platform to help people easily access good, green and socially responsible businesses around them. We are a community of environmentally conscious individuals who aim to create a paradigm shift in the way people think about their lives.

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When Justin Lewis, the founder of Naturebay, tragically lost his father to lung cancer in 2006, it completely changed his life’s trajectory. He single-mindedly devoted himself to studying harmful food additives and plants with medicinal properties.

After helping out at various farmers markets throughout Florida for several years and educating people about sustainability and the power of natural ingredients, Justin decided that it was time to take the next big step, a unified effort to bring together all the good guys.

This is how Naturebay was born. It’s a platform to help healthy, green, sustainable businesses reach the consumers who care.

Naturebay wasn’t quite working out as what he expected. However, with the experience in working on it and lots of people’s continually work on better solution. Now we have NATUREHUB.

Our goal is threefold:
Educate people about the benefits of sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
Equip them with the necessary tools to be lead such a lifestyle and be socially responsible.
Empower us to build a strong, conscious community and spread awareness.
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“ By empowering every person who cares to make positive changes... we can collectively redirect the path of humanity. ”

Justin Lewis (NatureHub Founder)